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RecycleUSB.com is a non-profit website dedicated on turning used and donated flash drives into portable learning devices for children, schools and
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Donate Vs. Recycle

Not much value in the components of a Flash Drive.

It's better to donate it, than trash it.        Here's why...

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A computer environment which runs from a USB stick.

A standalone solution customized for youngesters to learn inertactively.  Sugar Labs Strawberry release

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The world is going green, that's for sure, but sometimes it just doesn't make sense to recycle.  At least in the traditional sense.

If you are reading this, chances are you have a USB stick ready to be recycled.  You are wondering what to do with it, where to send it, and what method is best to dispose of it.  Well, before you ring up the local recycle center, consider giving that USB stick to child wanting to learn.  

If you send us a flash drive, we will recycle that USB drive into a portable learning platform using Sugar On A Stick.  Your USB drive will travel from Recycle USB to Sugar Labs where it will be deployed to a child wanting to learn.

A young child hungry to learn will appreciate your recycled drive much more than an electronics recycling center trying to make an extra dime.  After all there isn't much to recycle on a USB flash drive.

Consider the following:

A flash drive is made up of three primary components.
  1. NAND flash memory for data storage
  2. IC chip to control the communication between host computer and flash memory
  3. Green PCB board which holds everything together
So this is what can be recycled:

The entire board is melted down to pull off the IC chip and NAND flash memory.  During this process, there is a good chance the IC chip or flash memory will get damaged, never to be used again.  The green PCB board which holds everything together gets thrown away, leaving only the alloy metal used to solder the board together.  True, there is a statistical average of salvageable NAND flash memory, but that number is very low.  The majority of time the entire device is simply thrown away.

A more responsible approach to recycling your USB flash drive, is donating the drive to an organization like ours.  Let us turn that unwanted drive into a portable computer loaded with Sugar.

Learn more about the process.
RecycleUSB.com uses only Nexcopy Inc. USB Duplicator equipment for data loading of Sugar on a Stick.Nexcopy mark