What We Do:

RecycleUSB.com is a non-profit website dedicated on turning used and donated flash drives into portable learning devices for children, schools and
educational institutions.

Donate Vs. Recycle

Not much value in the components of a Flash Drive.

It's better to donate it, than trash it.        Here's why...

What Is Sugar?

A computer environment which runs from a USB stick.

A standalone solution customized for youngesters to learn inertactively.  Sugar Labs Strawberry release

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The New Way To Recycle

arrowDonate your unwanted USB flash drive
to Sugar Labs...
There are plenty of good reasons.

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Download Some Sugar

Sugar LabsSugar on a Stick is a
Portable Learning Platform
which runs off a USB stick.

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Start Recycling
Recycling your USB drive is very easy.  Simply complete the first two steps of the process:

Step 1:  Collect all eligible flash drives [Sugar requires 1GB or larger]
Step 2:  Send the USB drives to RecycleUSB

USB sticks are durable devices, however, they do require some amount of packaging during transit.  Please use some level of packaging for the shipment.
Recycle USB
13 Orchard Road, Ste 102
Lake Forest, CA 92630  USA
+1 949 481 6478

If you would like to donate a large number of USB sticks [25+ units] please contact Recycle USB for tax deduction details. 

If you would like to purchase flash drives and donate them to the cause, please contact RecycleUSB for more details.

NOTE:  Your tax deductible donation will be processed by Software Freedom Conservancy.
See our About page for more details.

RecycleUSB.com uses only Nexcopy Inc. USB Duplicator equipment for data loading of Sugar on a Stick.Nexcopy mark